Bridge Roads

Healthcare Executives of Southern California’s BridgeRoads program enables collaboration between mid– and senior level healthcare leaders with members who are at an early point in their career. The goal of the program is to help build relationships that will allow mentors to share their expertise and protégés to receive guidance and support from seasoned professionals.

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The mission of BridgeRoads is to foster an environment of professional growth and development between the healthcare leaders of today and the healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

The BridgeRoads program will serve as a catalyst for the development and promotion of future healthcare leaders in the Southern California region.


Protégés will:
• Receive professional guidance, performance evaluation and general advice from an experienced and accomplished healthcare leader.
• Explore opportunities to learn, develop greater professional skills, and contribute to healthcare leadership for career advancement.
• Gain access to learning opportunities, resources and networking.
• Develop a professional development plan with their mentor.

Mentors will:
• Provide professional guidance, encouragement and support to an aspiring healthcare executive.
• Get the opportunity to exchange new and fresh ideas with the potential future healthcare leaders.
• Invest in the next generation of healthcare leaders by sharing industry-specific knowledge and career advancement.
• Help develop a professional development plan with their protégé.
• Receive 4 points toward the ACHE Recognition Program for being a BridgeRoads mentor.

The Mentor-Protégé relationship may last well beyond the six-month duration of the formal Mentoring Program.


  • Deadline to submit application for the LA Program is June 29th at 11:59pm.
  • Deadline to submit application for the OC Program is June 29th at 11:59pm.
  • All applicants are welcome, but preference will be given to HCE members.
  • The applications will be reviewed on a first come basis.
  • Completing the application does not guarantee admittance to the mentoring program.
  • The BridgeRoads Networking / Meet-and-Greet event will be by invite only.


Please see the Mentors page for examples of the program’s participants.